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True Report


Source: Forum (DeskFish)
Subject: True Report: Wet@Bar  (f)
From: Whizzer (Forum User)
Date: Friday, 14-Jun-96 14:56:16 JST

This is a true report of an incident with my girlfriend.  She has 
written a report of her first wetting experience which I will  
post in a couple days.  Note: these posts were not motivated, in  
any way, by Jimbo's pitiful, whinny, plea for more masturbation 

Two weeks ago, I took my girlfriend to a bar.  She was wearing a 
mid-thigh length skirt with white panties.  They had dollar draft 
specials which were served in 24oz cups.  Usually I tell her she 
has to drink 3 bottles of beer before we can go home and she has  
to wait until we get home to pee.  Before we left, she complained 
that 3 beers were to much.  She never makes it home when she  
drinks 3, which for me is the whole point.  I yielded and we 
agreed on 2.5 for her and 1.5 for me. 

When we got there, we both decided to buy drafts because they were 
cheaper and, to my delight, bigger.  She was not happy. 
She swore that she would never do this again, which she always 
did.  I thought it was worth the risk because I knew she would 
not make it out of the bar. 
First drink.  No problem.  When I asked her if she needed to pee, 
she said no like she wasn't worried about anything.  I sat back 
and waited for the inevitable. 

Second drink.  Minor problems.  Half way through she announced 
that she needed to pee.  At this point she's probably at about 
60% of capacity.  Minor squirming commenced.  She shifted around 
in her seat a bit.  Once in a while she did the a 1 legged Butter- 
fly maneuver. (The Butterfly is when you open your legs wider  
than normal, then close them, touching your knees, then open 

By the end of the second beer, major squirming had commenced. 
One of the things she does is move her ass as far forward on the 
chair as it will go, then as far back as she can.  Her skin,  
panties, and skirt don't move, they just give out slack, then 
pull tightly against her pussy.  Normally it's obvious that  
a girl needs to pee if she's doing this, but in a bar with 
music, it looks like she's dancing in her seat. 

She told me she couldn't finish the last half of my beer.  I told 
her she had to and then we could go.  She sat there for a while, 
not wanting to drink more because she would have to pee more.  I 
told her the faster she drank it, the sooner we could leave.  She 
had been pressing her thighs tight through this period.  She also 
rocked back an forth from time to time. 

As she was finishing or half, I noticed she started sticking her 
ass out and arching her back.  This is usually the last resort 
in public since normally girls don't grab themselves in public. 
She was done, so I asked her if she wanted to leave.  For her, 
the need to pee comes in waves of urgency.  She said she wanted 
to wait a couple minutes until the intense need subsided slightly. 
I told her I thought it would only get worse, but she said she 
couldn't stand up at the moment or it would come out.  I told her 
she better pull her skirt out from under her ass.  It was a loose 
skirt, so she did.  It hung down over the stool in the back. 
After adjusting her skirt, she told me her pussy muscles were 
twitching hard and fast, but there was nothing she could do to 
stop it. 

All of the sudden, she thrust her fist into her crotch and closed 
her eyes.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said she squirted. 
Her cotton panties absorbed most of the liquid, leaving only a 
small puddle on the stool, about the size of half dollar.  I 
asked if it was better now and she said no. 

Less than two minutes later, a look of extreme discomfort spread 
over her face.  She arched her back and put her head in her hands 
and her hands on the table.  I looked under the stool, and saw 
a small water fall forming a rather large puddle on the floor. 
Her yellow water was cascading down the legs of the bar stool, 
while her own slender legs supported alternating streams of their 

I rubbed her back and told her it was OK. She peed for about 5  
seconds.  I was getting worried someone would notice so I told 
her to stop.  She frantically moved her ass in a circular motion 
in an attempt to cut off her stream.  Her skirt was soaked, but 
it was hard to notice.  Before we left, she asked me to  
discretely wring out her skirt so no one would see drops of pee 
fall to the floor as she left. 

The ride home was almost as interesting as the bar, but I'll have 
to leave the rest of this for part 2. 


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